Teaching Resources

By considering God’s Word within its historical, cultural, and literary context as well as the original languages of Hebrew and Greek, Deep End Ministries is a teaching and discipleship non-profit committed to helping believers move beyond the basics of the faith into a never-ending odyssey of God’s Character and Truth. We are about drawing people into the depths of God’s Word where the exploration of God’s Character is unlimited.

Deep End Ministries offers original, creative, and theologically deep Bible Studies; in-person teaching for retreats, conferences, and other church activities; and local church teacher training/equipping.

Bible Studies


LET US PRAISE HIM! A Study of Psalms

THE GREATER TRUTH: A Study of Hebrews

Teaching/Conference Topics

THE PATH OF HOPE: What David and Paul Teach Us About Suffering Well

YOU'RE INVITED! An Intensive Study of the Biblical Marriage Feast and Our Role as the Bride of Christ

DOES THE BIBLE REALLY SAY THAT? The Truth About Popular Christian Sayings

CUSTOMIZED TOPICS/MESSAGES: Studies and messages designed/customized to meet the specific needs of individual churches, organizations, and events

Teacher Training and Equipping

TRAINING EVENTS: Organized by local churches, Deep End Ministries provides training and equipping for those who would like to teach or would like to teach better. Equipping includes introduction to a Deep End Ministries study. Training includes compelling story-telling; effective public speaking; and efficient class management.

WEB TRAINING/EQUIPPING: Regular web events designed to support local church teachers who are involved in Deep End Ministries studies.

ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING/EQUIPPING: Opportunities for intensive training and equipping with Deep End Ministries leadership.