Deep End Buzz

"This year with Kristen in Hebrews and Psalms has been a feast on God's Word. I have been inspired and encouraged to dig deeper into Scripture by the passion and love of Scripture that Kristen brings into her teaching. When I leave class I'm energized and eager to search the Scriptures for myself. Her teaching methods challenge me to leave the milk behind and go for the meat. The background information of the cultures and times and the meaning of Hebrew words that she brings into the lessons makes the Scriptures come alive with understandings and insights."

- Shirley Chase

"I would like to go on record as saying that this experience has had a profound influence on my faith journey due to Kristen's organization of the content, effective teaching technique and her facilitation of small group discussion... Her teaching style effectively combines presentation of content and references to her own faith journey. With respect to the latter, she is an inspiring example of someone with a strong Christian faith who wants to glorify God through helping others to examine their own spiritual development."

- Sheila Kimball