Associated Pain to PRAISE! , the Made in Faith Market is open to the public and features talented local artisans who honor the Lord through their custom-crafted items.
All raffle proceeds and door donations will benefit True Care Women's Resource Center.

If you are an artisan who would like to participate in the marketplace,
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Featured Artisans

Sandy K. Designs

This talented artist draws from a deep well of faith and passion for the Rocky Mountain region, art and dancing to create exquisite jewelry. Hand-crafted from sterling silver, copper, brass, or a combination of those metals, each piece beautifully reflects peace, love, fun and the dance. 

Aesthetic Reflections by Thomas (A.R.T.)

Photographer Tom Roach will spend hours waiting and watching for the exact moment when God's beauty and majesty are picture perfect. Then he captures it for the rest of us to enjoy every day. Tom's exquisite prints reflect his deep love of God and Creation and  a lifelong passion for photography. 

Rusty the Ranch Horse

Featuring Rusty the Ranch Horse, this series of rhyming stories will not only delight your child but teach them about cowboy ethics and the west. Created, written, and illustrated by a mother-daughter team from Wyoming, Rusty the Ranch Horse tales inspire kids to read, live each day with courage, and always ride for the brand.   

Acrylics 139

Doodling is no longer just for daydreamers. "Scripture Doodles" will delight your heart and bring joy to your soul. These colorful illustrations of Biblical Truth are designed to be sweet reminders of how deeply you are loved by God.  Scripture Doodles come in a variety of products,, including cards to encourage a friend, magnets to inspire you, coffee mugs that bring color to to anyone's daily pick-me-up,  fun coloring books that allow your kids (or you) to create your own doodles, and so much more. 

Starla's Stuff 307

Here you will find beautifully hand-crafted weighted blankets that provide far more than warmth and comfort. Weighted blankets have proven successful in helping produce better rest for those struggling with autism, anxiety, restless legs, and sleep problems due to sensory processing issues. blankets.  Additional hand-crafted items include baby blanket sets, bibs, and taggies. 

Total Elegance

Casper's own locally owned and managed Total Elegance boutique will feature the very popular Spinster Sisters  line of soaps. Crafted at the Microsoapery in Golden, Colorado, these all-natural body soaps, which come in a variety of scents. are made using responsibly harvested palm oil, known for its powerful cleansing properties, fair-trade Shea Butter, which is highly moisturizing and keeps skin youthful and smooth, and six other minimally processed plant-based oils.  Total Elegance will also feature Flaytz decorative candles which are not only beautiful, but also dripless, smokeless, scentless, and self-extinguishing. 

New Life Wigs

When chemotherapy or any other painful process steals a woman's hair, it often also steals her confidence. This beautiful line of wigs and hair pieces, which includes  is designed to help her move through difficult seasons of life  newfound confidence and hope. You will also find colorful and fun headwear at the New Life booth. 

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