Speakers and Artists

K.D. Stewart

Popular Author and Speaker, Bible Teacher,
DEEP DIVE Host, President of Deep End Ministries

A popular Christian author, speaker, and teacher who once wore the Miss Wyoming crown, K.D. has lived anything but a charmed life. After graduating magna cum laude from Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M. 2011) the abuse of a former professor drew K.D. into a deep, dark hole of despair,  depression, and P.T.S.D.  Countless nights she prayed that God would just not wake her up. But she trusted that if He gave her a pulse, it came with a purpose. Today she is living out that purpose, encouraging people in Wyoming and across the U.S. to trust and praise God, even when life doesn't feel good. A Bible scholar with relevant perspective and sometimes irreverent humor, K.D. will guide you deep into God’s Word to discover timeless theological truths about modern-day faith-shakers like fear, doubt, uncertainty,  grief, and disappointment.   Less

Evelyn Husband Thompson

Best-Selling Author and Speaker, 
Widow of Space Shuttle Columbia Commander Rick Husband

A best-selling Christian author and speaker who dares to say,
“I’ve lost all politeness with God!” Evelyn Husband Thompson has been delivering a very raw and real message of triumph over tragedy since 2003 when she lost her husband, Rick, in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.  From the platform of a Billy Graham Crusade to the stage at Women of Faith and the couch of the Today Show, Evelyn has boldly proclaimed God's faithfulness to millions
of people across the U.S. She will have you laughing one minute and crying the next as she takes you on faith journey through earth-shattering loss and grief, life as an unexpectedly single mother, discovery of new love, and the challenges of blending families. 

Diane Lynn Frame

Solo Artist, Worship Leader

This fiddle playin’, California surfer girl found her way back to the Lord while raising her family in Wyoming. Jesus has brought her through many soul-shaking storms and it is from the hills and valleys of her life in Christ that she raises His Name in worship and praise. Among Diane's greatest blessings is her godly husband and worship ministry. Join Diane and her praise team as they draw you nearer to the Lord through soul-stirring worship. 

Speakers and Artists
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